The Rose Society

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Author: Marie Lu
Publisher: Putnam
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 416
Rating: 5/5

After being exiled by the Daggers, Adelina Amoterou flee away from Kenettra with her sister Violetta. They went to the city if Merroutas in hope of finding new elites so they can form a new group that they will be calling The Rose Society. They first found the famous Magiano whose powers is to mimic other elites’ power. One way or another, Magiano was the reason they found “The Rainmaker” that the Daggers exiled, his name is Sergio.

After getting allies, Adelina with her roses sailed back to Estenzia to seize the throne. Along the way they discovered that the Daggers we’re planning to bring back Enzo from the dead with the help of the Beldain queen, Maeve, whose power is to bring back the dead by tethering its soul to another human being. With this knowledge Adelina managed to fool everyone and got Enzo tethered to her instead of Rafaelle.

When Adelina thought that everything’s in its place with the crown of Estenzia hers and Enzo tied to her soul, then she will discover that everything costs something.

I waited for a month to read The Rose Society, and I must say that every agonizing minute of waiting was worth it. Some people waited for a year and honestly, I can’t imagine myself waiting that long. I would have gone insane.

After the ending of the first book, I expect nothing easy and light for The Rose Society. I expect nothing but vengeance and hardships, but even with these expectations I was surprised on how the story unfolds. It didn’t occur to me that Marie Lu will have the heart to take our characters into a much darker path. I almost hated her because of it, because of how sad and dark Adelina’s life has become when all she wanted (in the past) is to be loved and to be accepted. The author totally suceeded again on telling a story of a villain. The Rose Society may be a filler book of sorts but on story telling wise, it is a unique book that shows what’s behind the mask of an antagonist.

So what’s the difference between The Rose Society and those other literary works that tells the story of characters who makes the life of those good hearted people suffer? Adelina.

Adelina’s character backbone is made of sufferings and bitterness. She is fueled with vengeance and thirst of power just like every other villains. But what made her so compelling is her character never pretended to be pitiful. Yes she suffered in the past, but it wasn’t the MAIN reason on how she turned out. It’s like the darkness of her soul is what she’s already made of even before the bloodfever arrived. It’s like her own existence was made possible by the desire to be uplifted. Even on The Young Elite when she was training with the Daggers her power is much more stronger when she’s afraid or angry.

Do I like Adelina? Hell yeah! Why? Well I don’t want to be on the receiving end of her wrath so I decided that if on a parallel universe where she existed, I’ll try to be friends with her.

Let’s talk about Magiano. He’s hilarious, his power is to die for, and he’s overlooked by Adelina. How can one ignore that kind of character? He’s so full of life and energy. While reading the book, I am more looking forward on his scenes more than those of our MAIN characters. There’s just something in him that will make every reader drawn to him. I don’t know if it’s his swag that made the differece, but if you’ll read the book I will promise that you’ll like his character. I just wish that there’s a whole lot more of him on the book. I feel deprived of his scenes.

Another character that was added to the mix is our resident bringer of dead back to life, the Beldain Queen, Maeve. Honestly I don’t know whether to trust her. She’s the leader of another country, yet she agreed on restoring Enzo’s life (which turned out to be trouble). Her character says that she wanted to restore him to help everyone but clearly, she did that because she has something to gain from it. So my verdict about her hasn’t reach its ending yet.

The Daggers were a mess in this book, one died, another was dying, and another one has failed on having a dead man’s life tethered into him. I don’t think that there’s something good coming on their way on the next book. I just can’t grasp the fact that a group that was so invincible in the past ended up like that. I was embarassed for them.

Teren’s character surprised me, he agreed on doing something that makes his stomach turn, which is teaming up with elites. Also, can you believe that she killed Guillietta? He took the definition of insane into a whole new level. But I also believe that his character possesses a depth that the other character in this novel don’t have. He really believed that getting rid of malfettos is right, and that the world is safer without them. He dedicated his whole existence into sweeping the nation of them. Maybe if his character is not that crazy, readers would come to love him.

All in all, I believed that Marie Lu took a whole leap of faith in these novels. Without wit and intelligent writing, this story would have been horrendous, but it wasn’t, in fact it is a book that will awaken your blood. Marie Lu did a good job writing this book, and I hope that more exciting things will come. Though other characters were not thoroughly developed, like Sergio whom I wish has more scenes, I’m still as excited to see on what will happen to them, because with an ending like that I can’t imagine something good to happen. There’s just so many possibilities that I refure to ponder with because if I do, I’ll get as insane as Adelina and Teren. We do not want that to happen to me though I’m halfway there.

September and October Wrap Up


Books I’ve Read for the Month of September

1. Slasher Girls and Monster Boys (April Genevieve Tucholke and Various Authors)- 4/5
2. Opposition (Jennifer L. Armentrout)- 3/5
3. Bitter Sweet Love (Jennifer L. Armentrout)- 4/5
5. A Darker Shade of Magic (V. E. Schwab)- 5/5
6. Vicious (V. E. Schwab)- 5/5
7. The Demigod Diaries (Rick Riordan)- 3/5
8. The Young Elites (Marie Lu)- 4/5
9. The Darkest Part of the Forest (Holly Black)- 3/5
10. Tiger Lily (Jodi Lynn Anderson)- 4/5
11. Forbidden (Tabitha Suzuma)- 5/5
12. The Sleeper and the Spindle (Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddle for the illustrations)- 5/5
13. Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas)- 2.5/5
14. Crown of Midnight (Sarah J. Maas)- 4/5

September has been an awful month for my blog. After a lot of thinking and arguments, I finally give in to my husband’s whim to move in with him and his parents. Don’t get me wrong, my in-laws we’re awesome, and they look after me and my child. The only problem is that they don’t have internet connection, they just have this pocket WiFi that runs on prepaid load. It’s very expensive to use and it’s signal is limited. But despite all that, I get to spend more time with my family, because to be honest, blogging takes a huge chunk of my time.

Book talk! The best book I’ve read for the month of September is Vicious, and the worst is (Sorry Tog fans) Throne of Glass. But if I will consider all the feels and my state after reading, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma will won the first place.(Don’t forget to checkout my review for the book, it’s on the blog.) My emotions were all over the place after reading it, I was so affected.

I also tried reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern this month, and I just can’t. The book has an awesome tone, but it’s excruciatingly slow. All I understand is that it tells the story of two people with magic, that will have to enter a contest against each other. Something like that. My wild guess is that they will eventually fall in love with each other.

I also had my regular dose of Riordan’s and JLA’s works for this month.


My October Reads

1. Heir of Fire (Sarah J. Maas)- 4/5
2. Queen of Shadows (Sarah J. Mass)- 3.5/5
3. Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)- 5/5
4. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: Sword of Summer (Rick Riordan)- 4/5
5. Confession of a Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella)- 3/5
6. Never, Never (Coleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher)- 5/5
7. Never, Never 2 (Coleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher)- 5/5
8. Made You Up (Francesca Zappia)- 3.5/5
9. The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown)- 4.5/5
10. Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo)- 4/5
11. The Wrath and the Dawn (Renée Ahdieh)- 4.5/5
12. Alice in Zombieland (Gena Showalter)- 3/5
13. The Rose Society (Marie Lu)- 5/5
14. Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes (Rick Riordan)- 2.5/5

I’ve been surprised when I learned that I maintain my number of reads this month. October has been hectic to be honest because it’s been the birth month of a lot of people who is close to my heart. First is one of my closest cousin, she turned 18 (legal age huzzah!), then two of my husband’s godchildren, my mother and her mother, and my most anticipated birthday on the whole universe, MY SON TURNED 1 LAST OCTOBER 23! I have been running around, trying to juggle my schedule to buy presents, attend parties, reading books, and preparing for my child’s own birthday party. And I love how it turned out. Though a lot of people we’re absent, my son and I made the most of it. We prepare balloons, loot bags and decorations. It was so fuuuun! And exhausting. From now on October is my favorite month.

So books…. I’ve read a lot for this month, and my most anticipated release was the one with Marie Lu’s name on it. The feels.. The trickery.. The feels.. The vengeance.. I savor everything, every word, every punctuation marks. I was not disappointed, I was amazed.

I read a couple of Rick Riordan’s book this month, and I have problems on them. So Magnus Chase, I like him in general, but please Mr. Author, it’s the same plot line over, and over, and over again. Come on, try to spice things up a bit. And the Greek Heroes, gods! I practically drag myself so just I can finish it. The sarcasm and Percy’s spirit was still there, but it’s waaay too much. Yes it’s informative, but also, it’s INFORMATION OVERLOAD again.

I also tried reading contemporaries this month,and maybe they’re the reason why I was able to read as much as 14 books this October. Let’s face it, they are much easier to read than SFF. I love Never, Never, it has the right amount of everything. The romance, the magic realism, and the mystery, gosh the mystery! I hate being kept in the dark, but on  this one I made an exception.
I tried reading another Holly Black’s work, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I was so curious about it since its release, and for this month I decided to finally pick it up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it. It’s not that it’s bad, maybe my timing was just really wrong. I picked it up at the same time that The Rose Society was released. I got so distracted and abandoned the book. ( I’m sorry little book, I promise to read you again and I promise that I will appreciate you. Just give me time OK? OK.)

In conclusion, I still think that I need to slow down. My health is suffering, as well as my eye sight. I can feel that it’s getting blurry. And please, don’t get me started on sleeping schedules. On a positive note, I’m more or less 15 books away from my 2015 reading goal (150 books), so I can really afford a reading vacation I’ve been trying to get for quite sometime now. (I just didn’t know whether my sanity will keep itself intact with the absence of reading materials. And if on the next blog post I made I sound crazy, you know what happen.)

There you go, my full of rant wrap up.

The Young Elites


Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4/5


Twelve years ago, the land of Kennetra was ravaged by a deathly plague called the bloodfever. It kills the adults who caught the disease while those children that survived were left with scars and other odd markings. Other people called those children malfetto.

Adelina Amouteru’s family was one of the many victims of the bloodfever. It killed her mother, left her sister unscathed, and her, a malfetto. Her hair and lashes turned silver while one of her eyes were removed by the doctor. Because of her label as a malfetto her family’s reputation suffered.

Berated and beaten by her father, Adelina decided to ran away from home. Unfortunately her father discovered her disappearance and tried to stop her. On that night Adelina discovered her hidden ability for the first time in her life. She can conjure frightful images out of thin air. Because of that Adelina accidentally killed her father, and was eventually caught by the inquisitors.

On the day of her execution, Adelina was rescued by the young elite that leads the Dagger Society. Young elites we’re those malfettos that posses magical abilities. At first Adelina thought that she finally found the place where she belongs, but as she unravel the extent of her ability, everyone can’t help but notice how different and dark her powers was.


(This review was written for almost a month ago, I just edited it a bit.)

I thoroughly enjoy reading this book. It’s full of suspense, and its characters were superb. Honestly, I never felt an ounce of boredom while reading The Young Elites. I love Marie Lu’s writing style and her effort to write a story with dark characters. Though the book has a number of shortcomings, it didn’t hinder the message that Lu wanted to deliver to her audience, and that is to never easily judge evilness.

And now here I am trying to enumerate those things about The Young Elites that I totally love, and those that fell flat for me.


1. The idea of writing a villain’s story
It has been done before (e.g. Fairest by Marissa Meyer and Disney Descendants on TV), and surely, more literary works that will made us understand the villains will come out in the future. But what makes The Young Elites different is the absence of the “good guys”. Maybe some readers will argue about Adelina being the good guy, or Refaelle and the Daggers were, but on my honest opinion no one in the book deserves the trusts of the readers to do the good things, especially Adelina. Every side has their own selfish motives, and everyone has something to gain and to lose. That reason for me is enough to question whether their actions we’re for the greater good or not.

2. The diversity of the characters
It is evident in the story that the author really put a lot of effort when it comes with the characters of this story. Not only on the physical aspects of the characters, which she really nailed, but also with the special abilities that she bless her characters with.

Adelina Amouteru has lost her eye, her beauty, and her hair and lashes becomes silver. In short, she’s very distinct. She’s scarred, and that made her a lot more enduring when it comes with the hardships that she’s about to face. Though a lot of times I wished that she acted differently, I can’t help but admire her courage and determination to change her destiny.

Correct me if I’m wrong but is the story originally about Teren? I read something like that on the acknowledgement written on the book. Moving on, I think that Teren has some loose screws up in that head of him. Killing his kind, then killing the king while warming the bed of the queen? That’s insanely overboard for me. Can a guy be that crazy? Not to mention his lack of interest to be the king. I think that Teren is just blinded by his love for the queen and by his belief that his sole purpose is to wipe every malfetto that walks Kennetra out.

I like Enzo, in fact, I love him. He’s been vanished and robbed of his birthright, but he didn’t lost his determination to get it back. Though he refuse to show his feelings towards his Daggers, it was hinted that he cares about them deeply. They are the only people he has left and because of that he became a very effective leader.

3. The Epilogue
The epilogue made this book suddenly worth reading. Before reading it, I was satisfied and craving for more, but when I read it? I became impatient, desperate and needy for the release of the next book. So immediately I preorder The Rose Society, and guess what? I already have it!


Here comes my ‘meh’ moments while reading The Young Elites.

1. The world building
I am not that high standard when it comes with the setting of a story. As long as the characters we’re well written, and the ending is satisfactory then it’s enough for me. Unfortunately, I can’t help but notice how the world building in The Young Elites was a major disappointment. In my opinion, a book in the fantasy genre should always get an A+ when it comes with world building, there’s no excuses. It is fantasy after all.

I barely connected with his character and I think that he’s the biggest backstabber of all. He’s like smiling and taking care of Adelina, but on her back, he’s talking ill about her.

3. The point of views
Adelina’s POV for me is okay and wholly satisfying. She sounded how she’s suppose to sound, and her dialogue we’re superb. What got me into ranting is the men’s POVs. I can barely differentiate them from each other. They all sounded the same! Half the time I was reading, I can’t help but to look again on the beggining of the chapter to know who’s talking, especially when the characters were making some internalization.

In conclusion I loved The Young Elites, in fact it blew my breath away. It has some great ideas going on, and its diversity is something. Somethings may be needing some improvement, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth reading, IT IS. It talks about things that we don’t encounter on day to day basis, and it teaches us to not judge someone because of her background. (There goes my fail attempt to incorporate a moral lesson.) I personally reccomend this to everyone, because after reading this, you’ll surely run into the nearest bookstore to buy The Rose Society since it was released last October 13.



Author: Tabitha Suzuma

Rating: 4/5


Lochan and Maya always felt like they we’re not siblings. Having irresponsible parents, they were both forced to step up and take care of their younger brothers and sister. Facing a lot of challenges despite of their young ages, they both find the solace they’ve been looking for with each other. At first they tried to stop the feeling of being more than siblings, but in the end they both got so desperate and eventually give in to the desires of their hearts.


First of all I want to commend Tabitha Suzuma’s guts to write this kind of novel. Forbidden tackles incest the way that the readers have to close their eyes and understands why something so taboo would happen. Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T SUPPORT INCEST, I’m disgusted by it. But in this book it’s different, as a reader I was forced to look beyond the horrendous topic and open my mind not just to pity the characters, but also to welcome them inside my heart so they can wreck it.

To say that I was destroyed by this beautifully written book would be an understatement. I shed tears, I tossed and turned at night, and I can’t keep away from the overwhelming feeling of depression that the book gave me. Because of these, I have fallen in love with the book. No literary work has ever affected me the way Forbidden does to me.  I think that the world needs more stories like this. Stories about delicate topics that will open the minds of people why something like INCEST would happen. I also think that parents, especially those like Lochan’s and Maya’s, should read this kind of book, it will open their minds of how their actions affect their children. This kind of story should not be marketed as a “heart wrenching”one, but it should be somewhere along the lines of understanding something ununderstandable, and being okay with something without supporting it. Families come in all shapes and sizes after all.

Though it is not thoroughly explained, Lochan is suffering from a mental disorder. He can’t talk to other people except his family without feeling terrified. Of all his actions in this book, it never occurred to me that I should blame him. Maybe Maya but never Lochan. Lochan has no one but her, and because of that fact and of their age maybe (being teenagers with raging hormones), he has no choice but to succumb to the temptation. Maybe others would say that he can do better, but I don’t want to acknowledge that fact since he’s mentally unstable.

Maya, on the other hand, is the one whom I put all the blame why her brother ended up the way he is romance wise. There are certain times in the book that it seemed like she’s trying to tempt Lochan. And she’s also the one who’s always ready to do something with their forbidden feelings. There are times that she also tried to stop what she’s feeling but I don’t think that she exerts a lot of effort about containing it.

I wished that this book ends differently, like Maya and Lochan suddenly found out that one of them were adopted. That would totally resolved every issue in the story. But Tabitha Suzuma have another idea, she decided to stick with the topic and made the ending so much darker than the rest of the story. Subconsciously, maybe it occurred to me that a love story like this were not supposed to end with a happy ending, but all I can think about is it’s fiction and if only Suzuma would give the characters an ending they deserve.

Reading Forbidden was a roller coaster of emotions, I was always worried that they would got caught, and when they did, I want nothing but to scream and trash because of all the feelings that the story brought me. A book like this is something that I will never forget. It changed me, and my outlook on other things. It made me appreciate my parents and my situation more. This book is not only about forbidden love but also about the pure love that should exist in every household. I would want to talk more about their parents but I think otherwise because it might result to something that involves a lot of cuss words.

One more thing, I read a review about Forbidden saying that she totally supports the romance going on between the main characters, and that every blame was to put in their parents. That incest is just like homosexuality. On some ways yes they’re alike, but come on, if there’s a sexual relationship going on between two homosexual persons, their only affecting themselves. But on siblings? They might end up with a child, and a child that comes from siblings tend to have a mental disorder called down syndrome. So INCEST is a BIG NO!

This book left me a lot of questions but the one that bothers me the most is WHY WOULD THE SOCIETY CONDEMN PEOPLE LIKE LOCHAN AND MAYA WHEN IT’S SO CLEAR THAT WHAT THEY NEED IS HELP?

The TBR Book Tag


First, I want to thank Dee @ The Bookish Khaleesi for tagging me to do this wonderful award. (P. S. I like your taste in books :p)


Before blogging, I just keep track of my TBR pile by just listing the books that I want to read on my book journal. As of today, I’m still working on my goodreads profile.


Mostly eBooks. Since books here in PH were expensive, and I’m on a tight budget, I purchase books through Kindle. But if I really, really, really like a book, I tend to bend my budget to buy print.


Randomly. Sometimes I pick one of the books that’s in my list for quite some time now, or I read what I just purchased.


I’ve been wanting to read The Maze Runner since it’s release but I still have a massive dystopia burnout until now. I don’t even know if I get to read it in the future. (One more dystopia and I’ll vomit.)


The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavander. I’ve seen this book at Instagram. I don’t know what it’s about.


A Thousand Pieces of You. This book has been frequently photographed on Instagram, and also, it has a lot of good reviews.


City of Glass. I have read the first two books of this series and I am thoroughly disappointed. I was so annoyed by Clary that’s why I won’t be continuing reading any of the books in that series. I love Magnus and Alec though.


A lot. Sword of Summer, The Rose Society, ACOTAR 2, An Ember in the Ashes 2, Winter…should I continue?


Again, The Maze Runner. A lot of people on Twitter is fangirling about this series, and I still don’t know why.


Not everyone, but A Game of Thrones has been a total hyped, and I haven’t read it yet.


An Ember in The Ashes 2. AEITA has been one of my best read this year, and Sabaa Tahir’s writing has been breathtaking. I can’t wait.


Between all my responsibilities, managing my GR is impossible so I’m really inactive at that site. But I’m still working on it one step at a time, so I guess I have approximately 200+ books on my TBR shelf there.

I’m tagging everyone who want to do this tag. 🙂

A Darker Shade of Magic


Author: V. E. Schwab

Kell is an Antari- a rare race of blood magicians that can travel through parallel universes. Because if this ability, Kell serves as a messenger for the royal family of Red London to another royalty of another London.

There existed four Londons: Grey London which magical practices we’re long forgotten, Red London with the abundance of magic that made them the most prosperous of all, White London that has a shortage of magic because they try to fight and control it, and Black London which cease to exist anymore.

Kell has an illegal hobby, he smuggle artifacts from one London to another for those people who wanted to posses a proof of the existence of another universe other than theirs. Kell’s life was put in the line because of this, he accidentally smuggled a dangerous artifact that made him a target for another Antari.

Before saving Kell, Delilah Bard robs him first. She knew that it is her life calling to live an adventurous life, and she got it when she demanded from Kell to let her come to his London. From this unusual meeting, Kell and Lila tried to survive a dangerous adventure full of treachery with the help of each other


V. E. Schwab’s name has been all over the social media that is why I am compelled to see what’s all the fuss is all about. Originally I am to pick up Vicious rather than A Darker Shade of Magic, but my local bookstore don’t have a stock of it so I resort on the next best thing: this. This book tackles multidimensional worlds, thievery, dangerous artifacts, and of course, magic. This book may be a second choice but I didn’t regret buying it the moment I opened it, instead, I was immensely consumed to the point that I sacrifice my precious sleep so that I can finish this book immediately. Saying that I am captivated by the story and Schwab’s writing style would be an understatement. I loved this book so much that I pre-order the next book the instant I saw the last period of the story.

Schwab certainly have an impeccable talent when it comes to world building. It’s hard enough to build a place where an intricate story line is to take place and she did it four times. She built four contrasting world that demands the reader’s senses to be involved. She delivered a multidimensional world with vivid interpretation and mad writing skills. Though every London share distinct differences from each other, the author made sure that each of them also share similarities. The dangerous backdrop of the story intensify the pull that I felt towards the book. No place in the story is safe enough for Kell and Lila, even the magic less London doesn’t proved to be a safe haven after all.

A Darker Shade of Magic does not only appeal with SFF fanatics like me. It targeted a wider range of readers by its complex plot. For example, if you’re take on fantasy novels belongs to the neutral zone but you like antiheroes, then this book is for you. Or if you’re more inclined in the high fantasy genre with a descriptive backdrop, and you think that romance is not a necessary element, then you got to pick this novel up. Personally, this book fed the craving I’ve had for a high fantasy novel that I can’t only read but also, experienced. I’ve been wanting something smell, see, feel, and then even taste, and this book enticed all my senses the moment I picked it up. The pacing might be slow at first, but I understand the need to slow down a story like this. I understand the necessity to build first a strong backdrop, and to introduce characters when the story is about to dive a cliff full of magical practices and treachery.

If you have read my past reviews, you’ll know that I have a certain weakness when it comes to characters like Lila. I believe that the world need more characters like her. She’s far from beautiful, yet she’s charming and a debonair through and through. She’s full of flaws, but she still aims high and was determined to reach her goals. Though she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, Lila expressed an unusual sympathy and vulnerability to those people and things that matters to her. She knows how to appreciate simple things.

More than half of the story is focused on Kell and his struggle to remain a good person despite of the strong influence of bad magic. I admire his protectiveness and love toward his adoptive brother. He would go to the end of the world for him and he is willing to save him any time at any cost without a second thought. My only issue with him is that under his intriguing coat is a plain character. Yes he can do magic and travel between parallel universe, but personality wise, he’s not unforgettable.

Another element that I found remarkable in this world is its villains. The Danes we’re both cruel, cunning and power-hungry. They’re the perfect antagonist for this kind of book. They were both meant to be evil and unforgiving, and they delivered it the best way possible.

A Darker Shade of Magic ends on a good note for me. All the issues we’re resolved while the author left enough questions for me to look forward for the next book. Schwab ends this part of Lila and Kell’s story with the promise of an interesting continuation and I bet that it will be one.

Rating: 4/5

Review: The Wicked Will Rise


Author: Danielle Paige

Amy Gumm’s mission is to kill Dorothy and free the Land of Oz, but before she can do that, he must first accomplish a mission which includes getting the Tin Woodman’s heart, Scarecrow’s brain and Lion’s courage.

With the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked nowhere to be found, Princess Ozma as her only confidant, and her heart yearning for Nox, will Amy fulfill her duties?


I honestly dreaded writing this review after writing Dorothy Must Die’s. After ranting about the first book, I felt like I have to give this series a chance to redeem itself. It did not happen. The first chapter up to the thirteenth was like reading something that a 70-year-old woman wrote. Things only get better at Chapter 14 because the whole beginning of the book is just Amy walking around and having stupid conversation with the other characters.

This book has immensely tested my patience. The characters we’re inconsistent and ridiculous. Amy was beyond annoying and she still doesn’t have what it takes to be a good heroine. She worries too much about her love interest instead of saving Oz. She’s not goal oriented, which is essential in writing about something like what the author wanted to tell her readers.  I also noticed that Paige is still obsessed with writing each and every idea that pops into Amy’s head.

This book, like the other one, posses a lot of potential. The world building could be more creative, the characters could be more refined, and the writing could be improved in so many ways. The Wicked Will Rise left so many unanswered question, but I don’t think that I will be reading the next book to be released.

The Creative Blogger Awards


A huge thanks to Alicia @ The Cyborg Knight for nominating me to do this award.



1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
4. Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for anyone to know what to do.


5 Facts About Me

1. I have a restless spirit, the type that I can’t even sit still for a couple of minutes. When I’m still studying, I’m always getting on my professors’ nerves for creating disturbance among the classes and the only time that I can stay in a place for a long time is when I’m reading and daydreaming.

2. I have a serious issue with authority. Whenever someone dictates me of what to do, it seriously get on my nerves that I choose to do the wrong thing than to do what is right. It always happen whenever someone tries to prove that they’re much smarter than I do. I know I’m arrogant and such but I believe that no one is perfect and everyone has their own flaws to share (and that this is mine).

3. When I was 7 years old I kidnapped my neighbor. It’s not kidnap as in I abducted him, I just pretend to. When I saw my neighbor sneaking away from his parents to go outside, I got the naughtiest idea to make a ransom note with a big amount of money, then dropped it inside his room through the window. After a couple of hours, his mother saw my note and immediately go to my mom because she suspected that I am the one who wrote the note. (It was handwritten by my seven-year old self.) When our neighbor left, my mother gave me a good spanking that taught me a lesson never to mess with ‘criminal’ stuffs again.

4. I don’t want my son to become like me. (This is a serious one.) I got pregnant at 19, I am a college drop out, and I wasted a lot of opportunities that comes my way. Don’t get me wrong, I never regret having a child even though it’s hard raising someone when I’m still learning about life myself. I just wish that I waited for myself to become more well-established and successful.

5. I’d rather have winter than summer. I hate the heat and I will always do. I’d rather snuggle with my husband under a thick wooly blanket while it’s raining outside than to bake my self under the summer sun.



A Bibliophobic Tendencies

Bookish Library

Fhina @ Books Coffee and Life

The Liebster Award


I was nominated by Kayla @ The Fiction Fairy to do this Liebster Award for quite some time now and I only had a chance to do it today. Thank you so much for nominating me.

Here’s my answers to her questions:

1. What is your favorite childhood or middle grade book/series?

I love Enid Blyton’s books especially the Famous Five series. I remember being scolded by my parents because I’m reading her books past bedtime so I just flip off my lights then I got under the covers and read my books there with a flashlight.

2. What’s the most beautiful book on your bookshelf?

I think that the beauty of a book is defined on how much worn out they are because I have read them so many times. So the most beautiful books on my shelf would be The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan along with the books on the series. I think I have read them for over five times since their release.

3. If you could turn any book/series into a movie or tv show, which would you choose?

I would choose the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi, but only if they cast Chase Crawford or Ian Somerhaulder as Warner.

4. If you could switch bodies with a fictional character for a day (live through their eyes), which character would you choose?

I would choose Robert Langdon from Inferno by Dan Brown. I admire his intelligence so much.

5. Write the first character that comes to mind with a name that starts with “C” and describe if you like them or not.

Clary Fray, actually she’s my most hated character of all times. She’s reckless and half of her decisions cause for others to suffer.

6. What book are you currently reading? Do you like it so far?

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke. I love it!

7. Name one book you would love to get signed.

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, my favorite dystopia.

8. If you could get your hands on an ARC (advanced reader copy) for ANY book coming out in the future, which would you choose?

The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan because I really dig the high fantasy genre especially when it is about mythology.

9. If you could keep any animal/pet from a book as a pet in real life, which would you choose?

Um, Bambi from Every Last Breath by JLA. She’s a familiar so I won’t be obliged to fend for her. (I don’t like pets because I’m lazy when it comes to taking care for them.)

10. What is one of your worst bookish habits?

Excessive reading? I read every possible moment that I can. In the comfort room, while breast-feeding, when my kid’s asleep, sometimes even when he’s awake and still, I felt deprived of books.

11. What was your favorite book that you read this summer?

I can’t choose. I like An Ember in The Ashes, Cruel Beauty, Gilded Ashes, A Court of Thorns and Roses and Every Last Breath.

Facts about me:
1. I’m from the Philippines.
2. I have an over energetic 10-month-old son.
3. I have a frog phobia.
4. I love rainy days more than sunny ones.
5. My initials we’re AAAA and my birthday is on the month of April. (I have a lot of As going on)
6. I don’t like pets.
7. I eat everything and not gain a pound.
8. I get annoyed whenever someone tells me that I’m ‘just’ a mom. Hello! Try to be one then tell me again that I’m ‘just’ a mom.
9. I like my books to look worn and overuse (but not damaged).
10. I love watching and officiating amateur basketball matches.
11. I’d rather be alone most of the time.

My questions:
1. Are you favor of changing covers whenever a book is reprinted? Why?
2. What’s your most read book of all times?
3. If you’re going on a weekend getaway, what book will you bring?
4. Have you regret buying a certain book? If so, why?
5. Fairy tale retelling or mythology?
6. If you’re moving out of your house and you’re only allowed to bring one book, what will you choose?
7. Who influenced you to read?
8. Have you ever encounter a quote in a book that made such a big impact on your life? What is it and why?
9. High fantasy or contemporary?
10. What are the best and worst book-to-film adaptations you’ve seen?
11. Your favorite read this year.

I nominate:


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