Review: All The Bright Places

Author: Jennifer Nieven

Ratings: 4/5

This magnificently crafted book is totally heart wrenching. It is about two kindred spirits whom is facing the darkest days of their lives.

Finch is your mysterious, brooding guy. He’s the type of person you admire but you don’t wanna get too closed with. He’s eccentric. His soul? So beautiful.Screenshot_2015-07-24-10-00-02-1

Violet, the pretty cheerleader that everybody wants to be like, that everybody loves. But because of her dark past, she felt like she’s not good enough for her parents and even for herself.

Ms. Nieven surely is genius. She wrote something about unique circumstances but still is relatable. Her book surely broke too many hearts. Readers surely fell in love with Finch’s character. But then, how will you resist a mind so full of ideas? A body so full of energy.

Personally, I can’t put my feelings for this book in words. I felt like I lost something so valuable. The book, the characters and what happened feels so true to me. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this book, it’s that good. Another bonus point is when I read the acknowledgement section of the book, learning that it is written truly from the heart.


“You make me love you,

You make me love you,

You make me love you…”

~ All The Bright Places


5 thoughts on “Review: All The Bright Places

  1. I am just in the process of writing my own review of the book, so incredibly difficult because of all the emotions and thoughts going through my head.

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