Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Author: Laini Taylor

Ratings: 3/5

Screenshot_2015-07-28-12-39-56-1Karou, a blue haired ‘human’ girl, loves to draw. She draws ‘chimaera’, these are beasts with body types of different animals aranged with some of human’s. She tell stories about them like they are really existing, which is true. Brimstone and his friends really do exist in between this world and Eretz and Karou is their ‘errand girl’. She fetches teeth all around the world in exchange of wishes without knowing the real truth about what Brimstone is doing with them. All she knows is that whenever she’s at Brimstone’s, he strings those teeth with random arrangements.

Akiva and his siblings were Misbegottens. They were bastards of the king of seraphims whose sole purpose is to fight every war that their father is cooking. At present, they are to fight and kill every chimaera that walks Eretz. But Akiva has a dark secret. In the past, he met a chimaera named Madrigal into whom he fall in love with. She saved him when he is dying. They spent nights full of pleasure into each others arms. Being a beast lover is the worst thing a seraphim could be, but still he pursue their relationship. But they got caught by the general of chimaeras and he was tortured while Madrigal was beheaded in his very eyes. But then, he escaped.

So what will happen if Akiva met Karou and learned that Madrigal’s soul is within Karou?

If you like overly serious book with its fair share of action, then this masterpiece of Laini Taylor is for you. The way she weaves word is out of this world. She has this exquisite plot all planned out with characters that didn’t even exist in your wildest imaginations. Only her’s though. Chimaeras and seraphims are creatures in her imagination that she brought to life for others to believe in.Screenshot_2015-07-28-12-39-30-1

Personally, this book doesn’t do it for me. It felt like I’m just forcing myself to read it until the end. Nevertheless, I am still amazed of her choices of words. It’s like a symphony, you can see her meticulousity in writing this masterpiece of hers. The thing is, I think that there’s too much going on with the story. There’s this point of view then here’s another of a different character. I had to re-read a lot of parts of the book because I got lost a lot of times.

All in all, I like Daugter of Smoke and Bone but it’s not on the list of my favorites.

“Love is a luxury.”
“No. Love is an element.”
An element. Like air to breathe, earth to stand on.”

~Laini Taylor


7 thoughts on “Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

  1. Sorry the book didn’t quite work for you but you’re right, the writing is beautiful 🙂 better luck with your next read!


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