Review: Days of Blood and Starlight

Author: Laini Taylor

Ratings: 4/5

The war has been over and the chimaera has lost. Groups of seraphims were deployed all over Eretz to kill or arrest the remaining chimaeras. But every group that was sent were killed with messages left over their corpses. The seraphims learned that some rebels have survived.

Akiva was certain that Karou is already dead. Screenshot_2015-07-29-17-11-11-1

Karou became the new ressurectionist for the chimaera’s living army. She do not want to see Akiva ever again.

But as brutal killing of both races happen, they both found themselves side by side to fight the new emperor of Astrae.

Reading this book is a hell of a ride. The way Laini Taylor describe both Morocco and Eretz so vividlymade me feel like I have been there already. This second installment for the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy is certainly not for the faint of hearts. It felt like that anytime something big is going to happen that made me do not want to stop reading for even a second. Every chapter left me wanting for more.

After reading the first book, I am not sure if I would continue this series. But I tried and I also give this book a different approach. I just went with the flow and I do not try to overanalyze everything. Turns out effective for me. It made me wished that I pick this story up sooner.

My favorite characters would be Zuzana and Mik. They brought the necessary humor and sarcasm in the story. Their characters balanced the ongoing bloodbath into the story. The idea of them warming up with the chimaeras were genius. It soften up the beast’s images that made them more realistic.

As a verdict, this story is a must read along with the other book in its trilogy. Days of Blood and Starlight realy exceeds expectation so it’s okay to get your standard up to the ceiling.


“It was brave,” countered Issa.
“It was rare, it was love,
and it was beautiful.”


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