3 Kickass Heroines


Females were widely celebrated by a lot of authors. A fair share of heroines with “I-ain’t-gonna-take-any-shit” exist through prints. And here’s my top three picks of heroines with kickass attitudes.

1. Linh Cinder (Cinder)

Linh Cinder is a lot of things: the towns best mechanic, a stepdaughter cinder_fan_art_by_mirapau-d4ucq4iwho solely provides for her family of four, the face of the rebellion, technically the rightful queen of the moon, and above all, a cyborg. Despite all these roles she play, she also didn’t forget to fall in love. Talk about multitasking.

2. Princess Mia (The Princess Diaries)

Mia is your average goody-two-shoes nerd with oversized glasses and braces. People barely notice her. But a shock worth a lifetime came through her door when she learned that her deceased father is the king blue67design-crown sketchy doodleof Genovia making her the present ruler of the said kingdom. Mia don’t want to be queen, but she still claim her throne knowing that there’s a big responsibility that came with it.

3. Juliette Ferrars (Ignite Me)

Her parents exiled her in an asylum, everybody thinks that she is a 0a116bf5b5f178376aea21a67bb2b446monster. Juliette may be broken and naive about the world, but she still embraces her unique ability. Trying to save the world, she even gave herself a chance and her tormentor to fall in love with each other. She may be acting and feeling frail, but inside she’s indestructible.



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      1. Hahhaha don’t worry about it! But yes, I love reading dystopian books too! There’s just something very captivating about them, you know? New world and people with supernatural powers gahhhh ❤️

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