REVIEW: Dreams of God and Monsters


Author: Laini Taylor

Ratings: 3.5/5

“Common enemy, common cause.”


Karou and her fellow chimaera rebels made the impossible possible. They joined force with Akiva and the Misbeggotten seraphims, the rivals we’re now allies. Though full of tension, they still tried working side by side to defaeat the Dominion emperor Jael and his army. At first, they all we’re fine, they thought that everything will fall into their right places despite of all the possibilities of failure. They have this great plan and they even made the Misbeggoten soldiers immune to the hamsas. But boy they’re wrong. The war is still on.

On a series, the ending is the most exciting part, but it did not happen in this trilogy. I found this book not as good as the Days of Blood and Starlight. It is lacking in climax that made Screenshot_2015-07-29-17-12-05-1wish for more action packed scenes. Also, new characters we’re introduced, that apparently, played a vital role in the story. So it felt like our beloved main characters we’re overshadowed by extras (which is not exactly an extra). It just made me crave for more Akiva and Karou moments. Those little stolen moments amidst all the impending danger just isn’t enough for me. I just wish that after all the wars and battles on the first two books, Laini Taylor will finally give Karou and Akiva a chance for more romance (or more kissing perhaps).

Nevertheless, Taylor’s superb talent in making lyrical prose and stellar world building still shines all thru the book. Also, let’s not forget the to die for cover, the book still lived up to the expectation in that aspects.

All in all, I like this book but not as much as I like the second one.

“We are the beginning.. We always have been,
This time, let it be more that a beginning.”



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