PicsArt_1438398231671Being a mother doesn’t just keep me away to read whenever I want, sometimes it is also the opposite. This month, my 9 month old son tends to sleep at day and play at dawn leaving me a lot of time to read. So after all my chores is done, I am free to do whatever I want, and that is (most times) reading. Also when he’s awake at dawn, I also have the opportunity to read while watching him play.

Because of this weird sleeping pattern, I read a total of 18 books! When I realized that I read so many, I’m like ‘wow! That is a lot of books.’ And it just mean that it is more or less one book within 2 days. Also, I am very pleased with this number because I am keeping up with my reading goal for 2015 (150 books and I already read 92 books).

Since my blog is technically a ‘baby blog’,  majority of the books in my July wrap up is not yet reviewed, but I will still try to do so between being a mother and my ‘to be read’ pile this August. Fingers crossed!

1. The Summer I Turned Pretty 2.5/5
2. It’s Not Summer Without You 2.5/5
3. We’ll Always Have Summer 2/5
4. Winger 4/5
5. Love, Rosie 5/5
6. Pretty Girl Thirteen 4.5/5
7. P.S. I Still Love You 3/5
8. Obsidian 4/5
9. Onyx 4/5
10. Opal 5/5
11. White Hot Kiss 5/5
12. Stone Cold Touch 5/5
13. All The Bright Places 5/5
14. Daughter of Smoke and Bone 3/5
15. Days of Blood and Starlight 4/5
16. Dreams of Gods and Monsters 3.5/5
17. Percy Jackson’s Greek God 5/5

18. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 4.5/5

My favorite books for this month are Love, Rosie and Percy Jackson ‘s Greek God. I can really relate with Rosie and Percy Jackson will always be my ultimate book crush ever.

Also, Jenny Han really disappointed me this month. I really waited for P.S. I Still Love You but it is not what I expect it to be, while the Summer Trilogy bored me a lot.

July is also the month I started reading Jennifer L. Armentrout works and I must say that I would definitely pick more of her books up.


22 thoughts on “JULY WRAP UP

  1. You mostly read all the hyped of books. 🙂 My month went by catching up on Nicholas Sparks and Sidney Sheldon with exception of some books. 😛 I read 17.5 books because I got lazy mid July. :/ (The half doesn’t count but still 😛 )

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