Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

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Credits to The Bookshelf Intruder for this awesome logo and thank you for supkid19 for nominating me. This is my first award and I am all giddy up inside to do this.


Thank the blogger who nominated you, and leave a link to their page

Put the award logo on your blog

Answer the 10 questions sent to you

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 The questions I was asked:

What type of music do you listen to?

Well it depends on what I am doing. When I am travelling,  I like rock Indie music,  when I am taking a bath I like Maroon 5 songs and when it’s raining I like listening to sad songs. Also, when I was pregnant just last year, I developed an intense liking to classical music especially those of Claude Debussy.

Who inspires you? (This can be someone you know, or a singer, actor, etc. that you look up to)

I think I am too prideful to admit that someone has something to do on what I have become today, but for the sake of this award I will.

Before conceiving a child, I take everything my mother does for granted, but when my son came I saw the reality of being a mom. As I guide my little boy so he can grow up a good person, I also started dreaming that I will be like my mother. Other kids on our neighborhood also notice her humility and kind heart that you can hear on their conversation that they want to trade their mom to mine.

What is your favorite snack to eat while reading?

I eat anything and everything especially fruits.

What are your favorite genres to read?

When I was on my teenage years, I developed a liking on Nora Robert’s book. (I have boxes of her novels.) And as I grow older and more involved in social media, I started reading SciFi and Fantasy genre which I developed a love-hate relationship. I’m also more inclined in reading hyped books for some unknown reasons.

What are (is) your favorite TV show?

I like reality shows such as America’s Next Top Model, I also like Teen Wolf and PLL.

What are the best and worst book-to-film adaptations you’ve seen?

The worst book-to-film adaptation I have watched by far is Rick Riordan’s Sea of Monsters. I like his books so much so when I saw that movie it felt like my favorite series was murdered.

The best book-to-film adaptation for me is Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern. I have watched that film numerous times and I think that I will be watching it again soon.

Do you speak any foreign languages?

I am a Filipina so yes I am bilingual. I speak English, Filipino and a little bit Japanese. (I worked on a Japanese  company before that provides translations of Japanese articles to English language)

How long have you been blogging? Why did you start?

More or less a month. I started this blog because I dream to be a writer but I don’t think that it is my calling so I resort on just reviewing the books I have read. Now I like to think that I am a little bit qualified to be an editor. (Yeah I’m not much of a modest person.)

What (other than books), are you passionate about?

After reading I love travelling and hiking. I have climbed a lot of mountains near my area and I took pleasure on packing a bag and going out-of-town. Spending time on a new place exhilarate me, I love exploring outside my comfort zone.

Why should people follow your blog? (Take this opportunity to shamelessly self-promote!!)

Just one sentence: I pour my heart and mind on this blog so I think my blog is worth following.


My questions:

  1. My most favorite person in the whole wide world is
  2. I read because
  3. Nighttime or Daytime? Why?
  4. The best villain ever is
  5. The worst protagonist ever is
  6. My favorite author(s) is/are
  7. Reveal one of your secrets. (it can be anything)
  8. Why blogging?
  9. Side character/s that you want to have their own story
  10. Tell something about yourself.

And I nominate:
Dirty SciFi Buddha
Josie the Bookworm
Analee @ Book Snacks
away in neverland
The Book Jar Blog


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