Review: Crimson Bound


Author: Rosamund Hodge

At 15, Rachelle trained to be the next woodwife after her aunt. She has a good heart but also a reckless one that made her stray from the forest path from time to time. She thinks that she can find a way to free the world on the threat of eternal darkness. One day she met a forestborn, he tricked her into removing her protection against his kind then he marked her to become a bloodbound. The transition of being a bloodbound from being a human lasts for three days, within that days, Rachelle has to kill someone or she dies.

After three years, bloodbound and all, Rachelle found herself serving as one of the king’s bloodbounds. She did this so she can delay her transformation on being a blood thirsty and, literally, heartless forestborn. Being a bloodbound of a king, Rachelle was comanded to take care for Armand, one of the king’s bastard. She hated him for Rachelle thinks that Armand mocks her kind on pretending to be marked by a forest born and survived without having to kill anyone.

Rachelle, along with Armand, tries to find a way to save their land from the eternal darkness. With a lot of twists and turns, they uncover long-lost secrets.


Once again, Rosamund Hodge twisted a full of wonder fairytale into a murky and magical story. Crimson Bound talks about humility, redemption and accepting oneself. She created a fast paced novel that will entice each and every senses of anyone who will get a hold of this. What made me like Rosamund Hodge is that she really, really showcase her talent on each book she write. She’s not afraid to venture each and every possibilities that her story posses. Crimson Bound has a lot of potential and she carefully manipulate each one until she made an unbelievably well thought plot.

The world building in this novel is also superb. I love the idea of an old palace full of grandeur and wonder. And of course, the Great Forest, the mystical and almost haunted place that no one in the story really understands. It has its own life and indescribable magic. Great Forest is also the home of various creatures like the forestborn, woodspawn and bloodbounds. I love of how the Forest can manipulate the characters and that it can manifest wherever it wants. The story ended yet the powers of Great Forest remain a mystery.


I really, really like how Rosamund Hodge portrays each of her heroines. She refuse to make her characters perfect, instead, she took pride with faulty characters. Rachelle is a troubled girl with a doomed soul looking for redemption. She’s strong-willed and cunning. The only thing that I do not like about her is that she denied of how much she wanted to be saved. Rachelle denied and denied that she wanted redemption, but inside her heart, she wants nothing but to escape her fate. She’s also envious of Armand because people look up to him even though he is already marked by a forestborn while she was feared and despised for the same reason.

Honestly, I am not much of a fan of Armand. I like my male characters strong and capable, and he is not. He is physically impaired and it always gets in the way. I just wished that sometime in the story, he was able to protect Rachelle, not the other way around. A lot of times while reading Crimson Bound that I get embarrassed for him because of all the limitations that his lack of hands sets for him. And though Armand is strong spirited, he is sometimes frustrating and a little bit of a sissy. Nevertheless, I think he balanced Rachelle untamable character.

The plot twists in this book is insane. A lot of times I felt like “This is it, nothing worse can happen,” and then BAM! The author drops another bomb that surprises the readers. Hodge made sure that Crimson Bound posses no dull moments, not even one and I guess she succeeded.

Rating: 4/5


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