The Liebster Award


I was nominated by Kayla @ The Fiction Fairy to do this Liebster Award for quite some time now and I only had a chance to do it today. Thank you so much for nominating me.

Here’s my answers to her questions:

1. What is your favorite childhood or middle grade book/series?

I love Enid Blyton’s books especially the Famous Five series. I remember being scolded by my parents because I’m reading her books past bedtime so I just flip off my lights then I got under the covers and read my books there with a flashlight.

2. What’s the most beautiful book on your bookshelf?

I think that the beauty of a book is defined on how much worn out they are because I have read them so many times. So the most beautiful books on my shelf would be The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan along with the books on the series. I think I have read them for over five times since their release.

3. If you could turn any book/series into a movie or tv show, which would you choose?

I would choose the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi, but only if they cast Chase Crawford or Ian Somerhaulder as Warner.

4. If you could switch bodies with a fictional character for a day (live through their eyes), which character would you choose?

I would choose Robert Langdon from Inferno by Dan Brown. I admire his intelligence so much.

5. Write the first character that comes to mind with a name that starts with “C” and describe if you like them or not.

Clary Fray, actually she’s my most hated character of all times. She’s reckless and half of her decisions cause for others to suffer.

6. What book are you currently reading? Do you like it so far?

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke. I love it!

7. Name one book you would love to get signed.

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, my favorite dystopia.

8. If you could get your hands on an ARC (advanced reader copy) for ANY book coming out in the future, which would you choose?

The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan because I really dig the high fantasy genre especially when it is about mythology.

9. If you could keep any animal/pet from a book as a pet in real life, which would you choose?

Um, Bambi from Every Last Breath by JLA. She’s a familiar so I won’t be obliged to fend for her. (I don’t like pets because I’m lazy when it comes to taking care for them.)

10. What is one of your worst bookish habits?

Excessive reading? I read every possible moment that I can. In the comfort room, while breast-feeding, when my kid’s asleep, sometimes even when he’s awake and still, I felt deprived of books.

11. What was your favorite book that you read this summer?

I can’t choose. I like An Ember in The Ashes, Cruel Beauty, Gilded Ashes, A Court of Thorns and Roses and Every Last Breath.

Facts about me:
1. I’m from the Philippines.
2. I have an over energetic 10-month-old son.
3. I have a frog phobia.
4. I love rainy days more than sunny ones.
5. My initials we’re AAAA and my birthday is on the month of April. (I have a lot of As going on)
6. I don’t like pets.
7. I eat everything and not gain a pound.
8. I get annoyed whenever someone tells me that I’m ‘just’ a mom. Hello! Try to be one then tell me again that I’m ‘just’ a mom.
9. I like my books to look worn and overuse (but not damaged).
10. I love watching and officiating amateur basketball matches.
11. I’d rather be alone most of the time.

My questions:
1. Are you favor of changing covers whenever a book is reprinted? Why?
2. What’s your most read book of all times?
3. If you’re going on a weekend getaway, what book will you bring?
4. Have you regret buying a certain book? If so, why?
5. Fairy tale retelling or mythology?
6. If you’re moving out of your house and you’re only allowed to bring one book, what will you choose?
7. Who influenced you to read?
8. Have you ever encounter a quote in a book that made such a big impact on your life? What is it and why?
9. High fantasy or contemporary?
10. What are the best and worst book-to-film adaptations you’ve seen?
11. Your favorite read this year.

I nominate:


The Bookworm Blogg


The Little Book Affair


2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Wow, you are the first person to say they like their books to be worn out! I have an obsessive thing for pristine, fresh off the shelf type books myself but there really is something beautiful about a worn out book. You can really see the love that has been poured into it. That’s what my copy of Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas looks like. I still cringe inwardly at the sign of that broken spine though!
    And I have so much respect for you being a mum! Gosh, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re “just” a mum. Especially if those people have never experienced it!!!
    xoxo 💋

    Liked by 1 person

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