Author: Tabitha Suzuma

Rating: 4/5


Lochan and Maya always felt like they we’re not siblings. Having irresponsible parents, they were both forced to step up and take care of their younger brothers and sister. Facing a lot of challenges despite of their young ages, they both find the solace they’ve been looking for with each other. At first they tried to stop the feeling of being more than siblings, but in the end they both got so desperate and eventually give in to the desires of their hearts.


First of all I want to commend Tabitha Suzuma’s guts to write this kind of novel. Forbidden tackles incest the way that the readers have to close their eyes and understands why something so taboo would happen. Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T SUPPORT INCEST, I’m disgusted by it. But in this book it’s different, as a reader I was forced to look beyond the horrendous topic and open my mind not just to pity the characters, but also to welcome them inside my heart so they can wreck it.

To say that I was destroyed by this beautifully written book would be an understatement. I shed tears, I tossed and turned at night, and I can’t keep away from the overwhelming feeling of depression that the book gave me. Because of these, I have fallen in love with the book. No literary work has ever affected me the way Forbidden does to me.  I think that the world needs more stories like this. Stories about delicate topics that will open the minds of people why something like INCEST would happen. I also think that parents, especially those like Lochan’s and Maya’s, should read this kind of book, it will open their minds of how their actions affect their children. This kind of story should not be marketed as a “heart wrenching”one, but it should be somewhere along the lines of understanding something ununderstandable, and being okay with something without supporting it. Families come in all shapes and sizes after all.

Though it is not thoroughly explained, Lochan is suffering from a mental disorder. He can’t talk to other people except his family without feeling terrified. Of all his actions in this book, it never occurred to me that I should blame him. Maybe Maya but never Lochan. Lochan has no one but her, and because of that fact and of their age maybe (being teenagers with raging hormones), he has no choice but to succumb to the temptation. Maybe others would say that he can do better, but I don’t want to acknowledge that fact since he’s mentally unstable.

Maya, on the other hand, is the one whom I put all the blame why her brother ended up the way he is romance wise. There are certain times in the book that it seemed like she’s trying to tempt Lochan. And she’s also the one who’s always ready to do something with their forbidden feelings. There are times that she also tried to stop what she’s feeling but I don’t think that she exerts a lot of effort about containing it.

I wished that this book ends differently, like Maya and Lochan suddenly found out that one of them were adopted. That would totally resolved every issue in the story. But Tabitha Suzuma have another idea, she decided to stick with the topic and made the ending so much darker than the rest of the story. Subconsciously, maybe it occurred to me that a love story like this were not supposed to end with a happy ending, but all I can think about is it’s fiction and if only Suzuma would give the characters an ending they deserve.

Reading Forbidden was a roller coaster of emotions, I was always worried that they would got caught, and when they did, I want nothing but to scream and trash because of all the feelings that the story brought me. A book like this is something that I will never forget. It changed me, and my outlook on other things. It made me appreciate my parents and my situation more. This book is not only about forbidden love but also about the pure love that should exist in every household. I would want to talk more about their parents but I think otherwise because it might result to something that involves a lot of cuss words.

One more thing, I read a review about Forbidden saying that she totally supports the romance going on between the main characters, and that every blame was to put in their parents. That incest is just like homosexuality. On some ways yes they’re alike, but come on, if there’s a sexual relationship going on between two homosexual persons, their only affecting themselves. But on siblings? They might end up with a child, and a child that comes from siblings tend to have a mental disorder called down syndrome. So INCEST is a BIG NO!

This book left me a lot of questions but the one that bothers me the most is WHY WOULD THE SOCIETY CONDEMN PEOPLE LIKE LOCHAN AND MAYA WHEN IT’S SO CLEAR THAT WHAT THEY NEED IS HELP?


Review: Cruel Beauty


Author: Rosamund Hodge


As the price of a fool’s bargain made by her father, Nyx has to marry the demon that killed her mother and trapped Arcadia under a parchment sky. All her life she trained to kill her husband-to-be so she can free her land and avenge her mother, even if it may cost her life. When she turns seventeen she moved in with Ignifex, her demon husband, equipped with knowledge that can crumble his home. But as time goes on, she discovered that Ignifex is not as bad as everybody likes to think and that he’s the one who kept her land from being devoured by demons. She also learned that in some ways or two her husband is also a prisoner. Nyx eventually fall in love with Ignifex as her husband does to her. The dreadful days that Nyx despised turns into delightful ones while nights that scared Ignifex become spent sleeping beside his wife.

Torn between duties to her family and to her heart, Nyx has to choose whom to betray.

” You fought and fought to keep all the cruelty locked up in your head, and for what? None of them ever loved you, because none of them ever knew you” PicsArt_1440067229695

As a Beauty and the Beast retelling, this dark and twisted version is definitely a successful one. It offers new ideas while sticking to the original one and a whole lot more of twists and turns.

This is my first book by Rosamund Hodge and I must say that she didn’t disappoint. I have a high expectation into Cruel Beaty due to its good reviews and those standards are met. It just proved that this book is really something that deserves all the hype about it. I have read a lot of fairytale retellings and by far, Cruel Beauty is one of those in the top of my list.

Nyx character is someone so that can really exist in the real world. Her resentment and bitterness towards her family made her more relatable. She’s very different from the original “Belle” yet she became one of the elements that will make you fall in love with her story. Another thing that I like is that she’s not your typical heroine that will just sit down and wait for her destiny to unravel. Instead, she tries to control her fate.

On the other hand, Ignifex is portrayed as mysterious, and it made the story more interesting. Though a demon, he has a strange way of showing fairness and justice on his actions. He is expected to be cruel but his character shows otherwise. He also shows vulnerability and softness unexpectedly. It balances his character and deeds as a demon so readers will eventually like him.

Another thing to look forward in reading Cruel Beauty is its romance. Nyx and Ignifex’s may be a little instant but still it is something beautiful and pure that blossom between two beastly hearts. And the fact that at first, they do not know whether to kiss or slit each other’s throat really made me eager to read more. It made me so much more engrossed. The love team that Rosamund Hodge made is perfect, they do not only saw each other’s good qualities but also their flaws and beastly cores, and still, they choose to fall in love.

“I had been waiting, all my life, for someone undeceived to love me.” 

The setting in this book is another thing that exceed my expectation. The parchment sky idea is genius and added a lot more weight on the character’s responsibility. And the labyrinth of a palace, I truly love. It’s like exploring the palace with Nyx and none of us has any idea on what surprises each door will offer.

In conclusion, i really, really, really love this book. Cruel Beauty is really something to read over and over again. Honestly, I really can’t get over its characters and its plot. This will go straight to my reread list immediately.

Rating: 5/5

REVIEW: Dreams of God and Monsters


Author: Laini Taylor

Ratings: 3.5/5

“Common enemy, common cause.”


Karou and her fellow chimaera rebels made the impossible possible. They joined force with Akiva and the Misbeggotten seraphims, the rivals we’re now allies. Though full of tension, they still tried working side by side to defaeat the Dominion emperor Jael and his army. At first, they all we’re fine, they thought that everything will fall into their right places despite of all the possibilities of failure. They have this great plan and they even made the Misbeggoten soldiers immune to the hamsas. But boy they’re wrong. The war is still on.

On a series, the ending is the most exciting part, but it did not happen in this trilogy. I found this book not as good as the Days of Blood and Starlight. It is lacking in climax that made Screenshot_2015-07-29-17-12-05-1wish for more action packed scenes. Also, new characters we’re introduced, that apparently, played a vital role in the story. So it felt like our beloved main characters we’re overshadowed by extras (which is not exactly an extra). It just made me crave for more Akiva and Karou moments. Those little stolen moments amidst all the impending danger just isn’t enough for me. I just wish that after all the wars and battles on the first two books, Laini Taylor will finally give Karou and Akiva a chance for more romance (or more kissing perhaps).

Nevertheless, Taylor’s superb talent in making lyrical prose and stellar world building still shines all thru the book. Also, let’s not forget the to die for cover, the book still lived up to the expectation in that aspects.

All in all, I like this book but not as much as I like the second one.

“We are the beginning.. We always have been,
This time, let it be more that a beginning.”