The Rose Society

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Author: Marie Lu
Publisher: Putnam
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 416
Rating: 5/5

After being exiled by the Daggers, Adelina Amoterou flee away from Kenettra with her sister Violetta. They went to the city if Merroutas in hope of finding new elites so they can form a new group that they will be calling The Rose Society. They first found the famous Magiano whose powers is to mimic other elites’ power. One way or another, Magiano was the reason they found “The Rainmaker” that the Daggers exiled, his name is Sergio.

After getting allies, Adelina with her roses sailed back to Estenzia to seize the throne. Along the way they discovered that the Daggers we’re planning to bring back Enzo from the dead with the help of the Beldain queen, Maeve, whose power is to bring back the dead by tethering its soul to another human being. With this knowledge Adelina managed to fool everyone and got Enzo tethered to her instead of Rafaelle.

When Adelina thought that everything’s in its place with the crown of Estenzia hers and Enzo tied to her soul, then she will discover that everything costs something.

I waited for a month to read The Rose Society, and I must say that every agonizing minute of waiting was worth it. Some people waited for a year and honestly, I can’t imagine myself waiting that long. I would have gone insane.

After the ending of the first book, I expect nothing easy and light for The Rose Society. I expect nothing but vengeance and hardships, but even with these expectations I was surprised on how the story unfolds. It didn’t occur to me that Marie Lu will have the heart to take our characters into a much darker path. I almost hated her because of it, because of how sad and dark Adelina’s life has become when all she wanted (in the past) is to be loved and to be accepted. The author totally suceeded again on telling a story of a villain. The Rose Society may be a filler book of sorts but on story telling wise, it is a unique book that shows what’s behind the mask of an antagonist.

So what’s the difference between The Rose Society and those other literary works that tells the story of characters who makes the life of those good hearted people suffer? Adelina.

Adelina’s character backbone is made of sufferings and bitterness. She is fueled with vengeance and thirst of power just like every other villains. But what made her so compelling is her character never pretended to be pitiful. Yes she suffered in the past, but it wasn’t the MAIN reason on how she turned out. It’s like the darkness of her soul is what she’s already made of even before the bloodfever arrived. It’s like her own existence was made possible by the desire to be uplifted. Even on The Young Elite when she was training with the Daggers her power is much more stronger when she’s afraid or angry.

Do I like Adelina? Hell yeah! Why? Well I don’t want to be on the receiving end of her wrath so I decided that if on a parallel universe where she existed, I’ll try to be friends with her.

Let’s talk about Magiano. He’s hilarious, his power is to die for, and he’s overlooked by Adelina. How can one ignore that kind of character? He’s so full of life and energy. While reading the book, I am more looking forward on his scenes more than those of our MAIN characters. There’s just something in him that will make every reader drawn to him. I don’t know if it’s his swag that made the differece, but if you’ll read the book I will promise that you’ll like his character. I just wish that there’s a whole lot more of him on the book. I feel deprived of his scenes.

Another character that was added to the mix is our resident bringer of dead back to life, the Beldain Queen, Maeve. Honestly I don’t know whether to trust her. She’s the leader of another country, yet she agreed on restoring Enzo’s life (which turned out to be trouble). Her character says that she wanted to restore him to help everyone but clearly, she did that because she has something to gain from it. So my verdict about her hasn’t reach its ending yet.

The Daggers were a mess in this book, one died, another was dying, and another one has failed on having a dead man’s life tethered into him. I don’t think that there’s something good coming on their way on the next book. I just can’t grasp the fact that a group that was so invincible in the past ended up like that. I was embarassed for them.

Teren’s character surprised me, he agreed on doing something that makes his stomach turn, which is teaming up with elites. Also, can you believe that she killed Guillietta? He took the definition of insane into a whole new level. But I also believe that his character possesses a depth that the other character in this novel don’t have. He really believed that getting rid of malfettos is right, and that the world is safer without them. He dedicated his whole existence into sweeping the nation of them. Maybe if his character is not that crazy, readers would come to love him.

All in all, I believed that Marie Lu took a whole leap of faith in these novels. Without wit and intelligent writing, this story would have been horrendous, but it wasn’t, in fact it is a book that will awaken your blood. Marie Lu did a good job writing this book, and I hope that more exciting things will come. Though other characters were not thoroughly developed, like Sergio whom I wish has more scenes, I’m still as excited to see on what will happen to them, because with an ending like that I can’t imagine something good to happen. There’s just so many possibilities that I refure to ponder with because if I do, I’ll get as insane as Adelina and Teren. We do not want that to happen to me though I’m halfway there.


Review: Crimson Bound


Author: Rosamund Hodge

At 15, Rachelle trained to be the next woodwife after her aunt. She has a good heart but also a reckless one that made her stray from the forest path from time to time. She thinks that she can find a way to free the world on the threat of eternal darkness. One day she met a forestborn, he tricked her into removing her protection against his kind then he marked her to become a bloodbound. The transition of being a bloodbound from being a human lasts for three days, within that days, Rachelle has to kill someone or she dies.

After three years, bloodbound and all, Rachelle found herself serving as one of the king’s bloodbounds. She did this so she can delay her transformation on being a blood thirsty and, literally, heartless forestborn. Being a bloodbound of a king, Rachelle was comanded to take care for Armand, one of the king’s bastard. She hated him for Rachelle thinks that Armand mocks her kind on pretending to be marked by a forest born and survived without having to kill anyone.

Rachelle, along with Armand, tries to find a way to save their land from the eternal darkness. With a lot of twists and turns, they uncover long-lost secrets.


Once again, Rosamund Hodge twisted a full of wonder fairytale into a murky and magical story. Crimson Bound talks about humility, redemption and accepting oneself. She created a fast paced novel that will entice each and every senses of anyone who will get a hold of this. What made me like Rosamund Hodge is that she really, really showcase her talent on each book she write. She’s not afraid to venture each and every possibilities that her story posses. Crimson Bound has a lot of potential and she carefully manipulate each one until she made an unbelievably well thought plot.

The world building in this novel is also superb. I love the idea of an old palace full of grandeur and wonder. And of course, the Great Forest, the mystical and almost haunted place that no one in the story really understands. It has its own life and indescribable magic. Great Forest is also the home of various creatures like the forestborn, woodspawn and bloodbounds. I love of how the Forest can manipulate the characters and that it can manifest wherever it wants. The story ended yet the powers of Great Forest remain a mystery.


I really, really like how Rosamund Hodge portrays each of her heroines. She refuse to make her characters perfect, instead, she took pride with faulty characters. Rachelle is a troubled girl with a doomed soul looking for redemption. She’s strong-willed and cunning. The only thing that I do not like about her is that she denied of how much she wanted to be saved. Rachelle denied and denied that she wanted redemption, but inside her heart, she wants nothing but to escape her fate. She’s also envious of Armand because people look up to him even though he is already marked by a forestborn while she was feared and despised for the same reason.

Honestly, I am not much of a fan of Armand. I like my male characters strong and capable, and he is not. He is physically impaired and it always gets in the way. I just wished that sometime in the story, he was able to protect Rachelle, not the other way around. A lot of times while reading Crimson Bound that I get embarrassed for him because of all the limitations that his lack of hands sets for him. And though Armand is strong spirited, he is sometimes frustrating and a little bit of a sissy. Nevertheless, I think he balanced Rachelle untamable character.

The plot twists in this book is insane. A lot of times I felt like “This is it, nothing worse can happen,” and then BAM! The author drops another bomb that surprises the readers. Hodge made sure that Crimson Bound posses no dull moments, not even one and I guess she succeeded.

Rating: 4/5

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge [Part Three]

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Thank you bookishlibrary for nominating me to do this challenge. This is my first nomination since I joined WordPress so I am very excited.


This quote is from Lolita, I haven’t read it yet but as soon as I saw this quote I knew that I should include it in this challenge. For me this describes the world as a whole and I love it.

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

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Credits to The Bookshelf Intruder for this awesome logo and thank you for supkid19 for nominating me. This is my first award and I am all giddy up inside to do this.


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 The questions I was asked:

What type of music do you listen to?

Well it depends on what I am doing. When I am travelling,  I like rock Indie music,  when I am taking a bath I like Maroon 5 songs and when it’s raining I like listening to sad songs. Also, when I was pregnant just last year, I developed an intense liking to classical music especially those of Claude Debussy.

Who inspires you? (This can be someone you know, or a singer, actor, etc. that you look up to)

I think I am too prideful to admit that someone has something to do on what I have become today, but for the sake of this award I will.

Before conceiving a child, I take everything my mother does for granted, but when my son came I saw the reality of being a mom. As I guide my little boy so he can grow up a good person, I also started dreaming that I will be like my mother. Other kids on our neighborhood also notice her humility and kind heart that you can hear on their conversation that they want to trade their mom to mine.

What is your favorite snack to eat while reading?

I eat anything and everything especially fruits.

What are your favorite genres to read?

When I was on my teenage years, I developed a liking on Nora Robert’s book. (I have boxes of her novels.) And as I grow older and more involved in social media, I started reading SciFi and Fantasy genre which I developed a love-hate relationship. I’m also more inclined in reading hyped books for some unknown reasons.

What are (is) your favorite TV show?

I like reality shows such as America’s Next Top Model, I also like Teen Wolf and PLL.

What are the best and worst book-to-film adaptations you’ve seen?

The worst book-to-film adaptation I have watched by far is Rick Riordan’s Sea of Monsters. I like his books so much so when I saw that movie it felt like my favorite series was murdered.

The best book-to-film adaptation for me is Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern. I have watched that film numerous times and I think that I will be watching it again soon.

Do you speak any foreign languages?

I am a Filipina so yes I am bilingual. I speak English, Filipino and a little bit Japanese. (I worked on a Japanese  company before that provides translations of Japanese articles to English language)

How long have you been blogging? Why did you start?

More or less a month. I started this blog because I dream to be a writer but I don’t think that it is my calling so I resort on just reviewing the books I have read. Now I like to think that I am a little bit qualified to be an editor. (Yeah I’m not much of a modest person.)

What (other than books), are you passionate about?

After reading I love travelling and hiking. I have climbed a lot of mountains near my area and I took pleasure on packing a bag and going out-of-town. Spending time on a new place exhilarate me, I love exploring outside my comfort zone.

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Just one sentence: I pour my heart and mind on this blog so I think my blog is worth following.


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So here’s my quote of the day:


Jennifer Niven is one of my favorite author because her book,  All The Bright Places, affects me so much and I don’t think that I will ever move on from Finch.

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3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge [Part One]

PicsArt_1439538827291The Rules:
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Thank you bookishlibrary for nominating me to do this challenge. This is my first nomination since I joined WordPress so I am very excited.

So here’s my quote of the day:


This quote is from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I love this quote because it is so cheesy and it is told by one of the most unpretentious character ever. As you can see, infinity is very special to me since my husband and I chose the 8th of September to be our wedding date.

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